About us

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Binh’s tailoring is a family business that started nearly thirty years ago in a small town of Nam Dinh, Vietnam. In the late 1980s, a young twenty- something Phuc Pham developed a passion for clothing, fashion and design. He could sit by the sewing machine for hours in order to bring pieces of clothes to life. Then triggered by a friend’s mocking comment that he would never become a famous designer, Pham spent days and nights studying fashion in the attic of his parent’s house. The lack in space, knowledge and access to the world fashion at that time could not hinder the young man’s determination and persistence. He then shortly became the best designer in town and started his tailoring business.

 Then he got married to this young lady, Binh, who also possesses a great talent in designing and tailoring, and most special of all, a charming personality. The shop bears her name as it is the sign of Phuc’s love for his wife, in recognition of her devotion to the shop and their family with two boys.

 Binh’s Tailoring blossomed. Everyone knew of them and came for designs from simple dress to the most complicated design suits. They worked with all kind of materials from cotton, leather to jeans. Phuc then became a Master. He taught hundreds of students who came from different towns just to receive his training.  His students were often astounded at his ability to design and tailor a complete suit within fourteen hours. The amount of work could take other tailors days.

 In 2006, their family migrated to America without any English and with only a few hundred dollars. Phuc went to work for S& K in Madison, a company that provided already- made suits and became one of their best workers. His wife, Binh, first worked as a cook in a hotel. They tried hard to make ends meet while learning English at the same time.

 An opportunity came in 2007 as they bought a tailoring shop and established their first shop at 6142 Mineral Point on the West Side. Then in late 2010, they opened their second shop at 1787 Thiere Road on the East Side. In 2012 they moved second shop to 3769 East Washington Ave and still stay there now. Gradually, they have built their reputation as a tailoring business that provides professional services, competitive low costs and a wonderful customer services.

 From fixing zippers to shortening a wedding dress, Binh’s Tailoring will bring the best of their experience and expertise to please their customers. After all, they have been doing this for more than thirty years and keep going on.